About us

CROSMA was founded in Rijeka on the 28 March 2002.

CROSMA is member of EUROCREW association.

Croatia always represented one of the world's most important maritime labor countries whose seafarer’s skills are still used by the most reputable shipping companies regardless the type of the ship’s. 

Accordingly CROSMA represents manning agencies acting on behalf of their principals while performing different activities related to recruitment and crew management.

Gathered in the CROSMA's association members exchange experiences, promote and protect their interests and rights thru their specific role of protecting the interests of seafarers in relation to the interests of their employers and in accordance with internationally recognized maritime regulations and national legislation.

With our experience and many years of work in the international markets CROSMA is a key social partner in Croatian maritime industry, in cooperation with state administrative agencies, educational institutions, unions and others related to maritime affairs when it comes to the seafarer and the relevant legislation and regulations and other important topics and businesses in the area.

How to become a member?

Regular member of the Association can become a legal person registered to provide employment to seafarer’s whom the competent government authority for maritime issues the manning license for the employment of seafarers. The application for membership must be accompanied with the manning license and registration of the Commercial Court of the society.

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